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Feel free to email the clients who have written the testimonials but please treat them with respect as they have volunteered to share their own private experiences.

Thank you so much for providing me with such a tender, open, vulnerable space. You made it easy for me to "reveal" myself and I really appreciate what you did. The idea that you could stroke, rub tenderly my breasts, all the while saying that you were "in awe of the divine feminine within me" felt like a bit of heaven. So empowering. I woke up this morning feeling like a Goddess of Love. Honestly, I'm looking at people differently, more depth and meaning.
My orgasm was amazing and my whole body shook for what felt like a long time. I even cried. The release was tremendous. I pray it has opened up that space in me into which I can walk and feel love within myself.
I didn't think I could actually ever feel this way -- just feeling empowered with LOVE all over my body or some kind of peaceful energy that has the intention to give love.
I hope we can meet again soon. I'd like to have a another session so that I can enjoy the Tantric healing session and chakra clearings all over again.
Thanks so much again.

Thank you so much for the Tantric healing session today, you are truly gifted. I have had many standard deep tissue massages from women, and was a bit nervous to explore further. I immediately felt very at ease with you and your energy was very warm, respectful, and empathetic. Due to some difficult experiences over the past several years, it has been hard for me to completely surrender to my own ecstasy. Your touch was so attentive and healing, and I was able to experience multiple types of orgasms and Amrita in volumes that I did not think possible. This reconnected me to my inner goddess and source. I now realize that G-spot healing session is very therapeutic, and that I must slow down and explore my own body more, and allow my lovers to do the same. Your touch is phenomenal. I feel more alive, grounded, and confident. I look forward to integrating what I learned from this into my own relationships and healing work. Thank you again.  Yours truly,  Jamie

My sensual healing session was a wonderful experience that I not only look forward to in the future, but recommend for all women! I was a little nervous and unsure of what to expect, but Frank’s professional, friendly, and welcoming demeanor made me feel comfortable almost immediately. His knowledge of a woman’s body allowed me to relax and enjoy his capable hands. I wanted to reconnect with my body, be in the moment, and focus only on enjoying the exciting sensations rather than being stuck in my head with any thoughts, anxiety, worries, stress, and hang-ups in the way. Frank made all of this possible, and this was truly a beautiful awakening for me. Thank you so much! Love, Cassandra

Hi Frank, I have some advice for your male and female clients!  
Men: Give the gift of sexual awakening to your lady. She will love and reward you for it because she will discover something in herself she never knew existed. Trust me!  
Ladies: Do whatever you have to do to get in touch with this man...call, email, whatever! I think every woman should experience his expert touch, his calm presence-he's just amazing. I am truly lucky to have experienced this and am a better lover and woman for it.
Frank, thank you again, Holly

Frank is a gifted healer and a great listener, his down-to-earth wisdom and empathy are truly admirable. I believe that for many of us, true healing needs to be on a physical level. Counselling and talk are great, but there comes a point when we need to heal the hurts deep within our cells and body tissue: which retain painful memories. Before I had my session with Frank, I had trouble being sure of myself and was not self-assertive. I knew what I wanted, but had a hard time owning my decisions and feeling confident about them; it was too easy for people to sway me. I was too much of a people-pleaser. After the session, I felt more grounded in my body and could really feel my feminine power. The energy spread throughout my body and left a profound impact in how I carried myself, and in how I interacted with others. Before, I couldn't own my gifts, I was timid about attracting attention and held back in relationships. Now I own these gifts of beauty and intelligence as my special birthright. I'm more courageous about being passionate and being myself. It seems so simple, yet so easy to miss: our bodies are our sacred temples and we must nurture them. The world needs healers like Frank. Thank you and God bless!
Rita from New Jersey

Frank, Thank You for the most intense healing session of my life. From the moment you arrived, you were a complete gentlemen. You asked the right questions to make me feel at ease and when I was scared to explore further, you gently pushed me over the edge and allowed me to see that it was okay to do so. Words can not express my gratitude for being patient, respectful and funny with me. Thank you for giving me the space to lower my walls so I could experience something so orgasmically beautiful. Til next time!   Rose

"It was my first tantric healing session - I had thought about it for months before I made the appointment, and of course I was nervous. Frank was so great - a very calming, gentle presence. It was not at all a "hot, sexy" experience - no sleaze factor, at all! It was warm, sensual and allowed me to focus on myself and my own responses at a very deep, even spiritual level. I learned so much about myself, and am more comfortable in my body and sexual response than I was before the experience. Thank you, Frank!"~ Jenny from Cherry Hill, NJ

Hi Anita!
Sorry for not telling you I already met with Frank… I apologize for that. I have been thinking of you a lot. Frank was amazing. He has a gift. He let me climax twice during the session. After the first time I was crying - I was so emotionally suppressed. Then we did the g-spot healing. I had a little experience like that before - it was a little uncomfortable for me. The sensations were very strong. But it was very helpful - very releasing. Then he let me climax another time -the orgasm was very strong. At that time my mind was already peaceful and I felt so comfortable to express myself during the session and in the orgasm itself. Thank you very much for helping me and referring me to Frank! I am meeting with him again next week ~ Adrianna

I had a wonderful session with Frank last weekend. He is very professional and makes you feel very confortable from the first second he walks in the door. He first listened to me with attention and compassion to identify the best way he could help. After talking about things, we focused on breathing exercises and I was amazed to see how the energy moves in my body. In fact I couldn’t stop laughing, it felt very good! The healing session was so pleasurable and relaxing. Frank’s healing sessions are bespoke, he adapts to what you want or need and is very attentive and delicate. I will be scheduling again soon. ~ Marion

Dear Frank,
This was my first Tantric healing session and I was both very nervous and excited. I always dreamed about what it would be like to get a Tantric healing session, but I never thought I’d actually go through with it! First thing, I didn’t know you, so just thinking that I was going to be touched intimately by a stranger is kind of crazy, but after you arrived, I started to like you. I started to feel comfortable for you to touch me. You made me feel so great, and I must say you really have Golden hands; every touch was so GENTLE & WARM. It felt so good. I had multiple orgasms; they kept getting stronger and stronger. My favorite was the way you touched my chest.
I just can't stop thinking about our session last night, really excellent! I love what you did! I think I'm falling in love with your hands! Love, Tory _ Email

Hi Frank,
Becky and I really enjoyed the session we had with you this past Sunday and we are looking forward to the next time. I am always looking for new ways to please and excite her and I think you can teach both of us more. It was great to learn some of your techniques and I really enjoyed the way you brought her to orgasm, She even told me that she almost had another one right before we ended the session. I told her she should have spoke up and told us what she needed us to do to help her get there. She did tell me she felt that if I had stroked her breast the way you had showed me earlier, it would have put her over the edge, she said your hands were like magic and your fingers are incredible. I can't wait until we schedule another session, we both really enjoyed it!!. Thank you, ~ Tom and Becky _ Email

Hi Liz,
Since you were so helpful with all of your e-mails, I thought the least I could do would be to let you know that I finally had my session with Frank.
Your insight made all the difference in all the world; your experience literally got my foot in the door. I was at peace that it was all above board and that I had no expectations. Of course, you already know what I am going to say.
The experience was so profound that I stayed overnight at my hotel (instead of heading back home). Some changes are subtle and others are overwhelmingly noticeable. As women, the needs we bring to the table are varied. Frank innately understands that. Whether we realize it or not, he empowers us so that we can truly nurture the "goddess" within each and every one of us. What an understated love, and genuine caring, reverence and respect he has for women. What a gift and selflessly so that he is giving. He is so blessed and so are we.
I thank my higher power God, that this is part of the process of what I need to do, so that I may heal. I am so grateful that I literally and figuratively walked through that door. Thank you Liz... Thank you Frank.
Take care,~ Debbie D. _Email

You are a selfless man and you uphold your values. The sensitivity displayed, was above and beyond anything I have ever witnessed...(as well as your patience and listening ear.) Above all, your respect is to be commended... because of that, I have set boundaries for myself. Without realizing it...some of us give our respect away...not anymore. I was in such need of healing for about 10 years. I had all but given up. Your initial help has made such a difference in my life. With your continued support the healing will continue. I am so appreciative and grateful.
Take care,
~ Debbie

"Hi Frank, I just wanted to thank you again for my last session. I have been feeling so much more sensual and playful lately, and I'm certain these feelings are just a lovely side effect from our session a few weeks ago. Looking forward to seeing you again soon." ~ Liz

Just wanted to let you know how much Mary and I really enjoyed the tantric healing session last Saturday night! In fact, we've already talked about the couple experience with you and Anita and will be in touch soon about scheduling a date. Thanks again, Barry and Mary

Hey Frank, I hope you are doing well. I just want to thank you for the session the past Sunday. I was a bit anxious but you put me at easy and I felt very comfortable. You are professional and kind. You have really warm hands and your energy is amazing. Your healing session made me relaxed and I felt that I discovered new parts of my body. You treated me with absolute respect and I felt safe. It was my first Tantric healing session and so far I enjoyed a lot. I would recommend your services to any of my friends. Thank you again and I look forward for another opportunity to have a Tantric healing session.
Take care, Liz  email

Hi Frank, It was great to finally meet you last weekend. My wife really enjoyed the Tantric healing session and she came away feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. We both thought that you were very respectful, professional and genuine...it was a great overall experience.  Many thanks, John and Amy email

I wanted to thank you for the other night. Your words were so kind and I appreciated the hug. I actually did not have any pain in my left hip for a good part of the next day. Now if you can only work the same miracle on my right side! I'll contact you later to set up our next appointment, Debbie

Frank, Allison and I wanted to thank you and Anita for our wonderful experience last week.  It was incredible on so many levels.  Emotionally we have started to free ourselves of years of emotional baggage.  Further we connected in such a deep fashion during the various exercises and ceremonies that you lead us through.  We realized that simply saying I love you, while great, is not as meaningful as reminding the other why you love them and what you appreciate about them.  After you and Anita left, we made beautiful love to one another and again Sunday morning.  Our bodies and minds were open to emotional vulnerability that makes a sexual encounter much more fulfilling.  We obviously have much more to continue to learn.  Reading through your website and the couples Sacred Ritual, there appears many things that you could eventually teach us.  For instance, we both fall into the western genital focused sexual experience whereby the orgasm is too much a focus of the sexual encounter.  Learning more about honoring ourselves and the other's beautiful sexuality is something that we hope to have grow between us.  It was an incredible experience!
Thank you again, Michael and Allison 

"We have had our second session with Frank and Anita and again it was wonderful. We were quite cautious and ultimately hesitant in setting up our first healing session session with them. They both were incredibly sensitive to our nervousness concerning the couples session. In essence, they made us feel very comfortable and able to enjoy the moment. So, I admit that we learned that our concerns were truly unwarranted. What a wonderful experience. Anita provides a strong and sensual healing session that is truly relaxing and energizing at the same time. Frank has been intensely sensitive to the needs of my wife while becoming in tune with the relaxation of her total body. His connection and overall respect is very obvious and it has allowed my wife to enjoy the session greatly. It has also allowed me to feel comfortable with both Frank and Anita guiding us through the intimate moments that are created through the session. We thank both of you and look forward to the next invigorating session. LL "

Hi Frank,
So thanks again so much for coming over and helping my wife Melissa out. I definitely think that your session helped her. Afterwards she seemed happier, less stressed, and had an increase in her libido, which I was extremely happy about! So, we are wondering if we might be able to book another healing session with you again, maybe towards the end of August? I was thinking somewhere between the 24th-27th? Anyhoo, let me know, and hopefully we'll get to see you soon again, Thanks again.~ Jason and Melissa

Frank, Thank you and your partner for the wonderful healing session! My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. This was not our first experience with Tantric/sensual healing session but was definitely the best so far. My wife was very pleased with your professionalism and touch. We will be calling again soon. 
Sincerely, Kevin and Jackie  email  

Frank, I can't thank you enough for giving me excellent stress relief the other night! I wish everyone could experience this most amazing way of getting a complete release of all built-in anxiety and pressure in the hands, literally, of someone like you, who is so very kind, respectful, and an overall expert whom one can fully trust. From the first moment to the very last, I felt completely safe, and experienced a transformational and profound sense of caring, universal love, and beauty. A truly unique and magical evening.   ~ Marja 

Orchids in Longwood Gardens Frank, I just want to thank you for a very profound and healing encounter this past week. (What is miraculous for me is that when I think back on it, there is no shame involved.  It seems like there should be because I was raised to feel so shameful about sex.  But that in itself proves to me the healing power of the Tantric healing session.)  I am excited to build upon this new freedom (and to save for my next session!)  And Longwood Gardens was so beautiful the next day; it was a perfect and peaceful way to close the experience.  I have attached a virtual orchid for you.  You are right, the collection of orchids was awesome. I couldn't take pictures fast enough.

Again, thank you,

Frank, my wife loves her sessions with you.  What started as a "let's try it and see how it goes" evolved into one of the most satisfying experiences we have shared together.  To many men it may seem odd to have your wife or girlfriend have a yoni healing session but after several sessions I have to commend your professionalism while my wife allows herself to be so exposed and vulnerable.  Your focus is centered on her and you remain respectful throughout.  I never felt threatened or jealous whatsoever and moreover, enjoyed the beauty of my wife being vulnerable, submissive, and sexy.  Your professionalism made it feel safe.  We will be seeing you again soon!   ~ Robert

Hi Frank,  Thanks for coming to see me again.  As a repeat customer I have to say that each session gets better and better.  My first session was about exploration of a new adventure that my husband and I could share and each succeeding session has been about removing inhibitions and enjoying my femininity more and more – allowing myself to be pleased by touch.  It was so wonderful that the experience was surreal.  Every woman should experience the wave and have her yoni catered to…Thank you for another amazing session; providing amazing pleasure while remaining so professional.  I can’t wait to do it again and share it with my girlfriends.  ~ Vanessa

"Hi Frank. Just wanted to let you know that Jen absolutely loved it. She has hardly talked about anything else since. She has told a few of her close friends about it and given them your website information. You may well get a couple of referrals from it.

She said you were very comforting and non-threatening in any way. She was a bit nervous before you arrived, normal I would think. She found the healing session to be both very relaxing and obviously very erotically stimulating. She told me she two very strong orgasms during the ceremony, which she of course loved. The only comment she made that she said would have made even a bit better was: She thinks it would have been really nice if you had a scented eye cover when you turn her to the supine position. She would have found that very soothing and allowed her to relax even more deeply. If you have her eyes covered she would never know and the rhythm would not be in any way interrupted.

Again, she thought it was amazing and she wants to do it again sometime. She also wants us to do it as a couple at some point too. Thanks for treating her so well. Your treatment added to our already wonderful and sensual relationship." ~ Robert

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the positive feedback! That is a good suggestion as well. I'd be happy to do a teaching session for both of you or a couple's Tantric healing session with Anita and I. Just let me know! Thanks again, Frank Paul

Below is a link to one of my clients who posted her Tantric experience on her website.  Please take a look if you’d like.  Also remember that everyone’s Tantric experience differs.  Some expect extreme pleasure, and truly this bliss and pleasure is the goal of Tantra, however to get there, the body has to clear out any blocked “stuff” that’s inside.  During sessions, unexpected things can come up and be released.  The release somes feels like bursts of emotion, whether it be laughing or crying or whatever your experience may be.  We all have to release these blockages in order to be truly free in our bodies.  It is very important.  And everyone is different, some clients contact me months after the session still feeling tantalizing pleasurable remnents of a session.  Others need to let go of “stuff” before they can get there.  And the Tantric session provides an ideal opportunity to do that, where you will feel safe, comforted, relaxed, and free to release whatever comes up.   
Please take a look at one client’s experience:
Miss Theda

Frank, this testimonial is well overdue... The last two times you have given me my healing session have left me speechless. The feelings that I experienced in mybody cannot be put into words. The intensity of your touch, and the way that I was able to connect with my own body was priceless. Orgasm has always been a difficult state for me to acheive, and with the proper breathing, your touch, and the relaxing state you provided, I was not only able to reach it, but multiple times.... All i can state is WOW!!!!  Life is stressful enough, and you have brought me to nirvana, and I will revisit as often as is deemed necessary... Thanks for all your professionalism and kindness too...   S... age 46...

"Hi Frank!  Well, last nights Tantric healing session was amazing!  The sensations I experienced were so strong it is hard to put it into words.  My body was pulsating with electricity that seemed to heighten the pleasure of your touch.  When I think back to it I get butterflies and I can instantly feel it again!  You have honed your craft into something very special that I am sure only a precious few can do.  As I said before, you have been touched by the hand of God. What a gift that is for me!"  ~ Heather

Initially I was drawn to the idea of Tantric healing session for the sensual and physical gratification it offers, and Frank is very adept in making that happen. He is everything you hope he’s going to be- kind, communicative, reassuring, and he has an innate ability to read how you are feeling and what you need just by laying his hands on you. At my second session, I felt more comfortable, and the experience was different- more open, more intense and even more gratifying. I felt a profound sense of love and safety. Frank has a quality that allows me to tap into a deeper place where it’s OK for me to want things and receive them openly and without shame. I’m left feeling satiated, whole, clean and proud. It’s very hard to capture how pleasurable the experience is, how unbelievable it feels to be taken care of so well. I feel so lucky to have found him, and am looking forward to more. Thank you Frank. ~ Rebecca S.

When my husband went ahead and booked the healing session for me I was scared, nervous, and uncertain of what to expect. But Frank you were such a gentlemen and very professional at all times. You made me feel comfortable and I was able to relax and go within myself. Your gentle touch just took me away that until this day I keep reliving the experience in my mind. After the healing session when my husband came back home and saw me the first thing he said was “you're glowing” and I truly felt like I was glowing. My husband and I had the best weekend together after your healing session. Thank you for an awesome experience and I look forward to our next session soon.  ~ RN

“Words can not express the overall ultimate feelings I got from your Tantric healing session.  The first time I received one of your fantastic sessions I kind of didn't know what to expect but after 2 hours of continuous sensual attention I was hooked forever to your touch.  I have received many different healing sessions over the years but none can compare to what I received from you.  Then, just as I thought it could no way get better, it did.  Last week’s healing session was the most outrageous, sensual session of my life.  After my 2 hour session I couldn't move - all I wanted to do was to just lie on your table basking in ecstatic bliss.  What else could a woman ask for!  The best part is that you have done this twice for me, the second healing session surpassed my first outrageous session and I am so looking forward to my 3rd - my body shivers with anticipation.  Frank, what more can I say: "Thank you!”-"Thank you! "- "Thank you!"

Ladies, if you are looking for the Tantric healing session bliss of a lifetime you must contact Frank. There are no words to express how you will feel at the completion of your session.  I can guarantee it.  I am so looking forward to my next 2 hour session.” Kisses ~ Iris                email

"I have to admit I was skeptical.. Nervous... Very excited! A girlfriend told me about Frank Paul and tantric healing session and I was eager to try it! I brought my boyfriend to the session and it was amazing... everything I could have hoped for. I enjoyed a "four handed healing session" because Frank walked my boyfriend through the process. And, in the end.. well, the end was wonderful. Frank is extremely professional and put me at ease right away. The entire 90 minutes was very calming (until the end!) and turned out to be a wonderful experience personally and for us as a couple (my boyfriend and me, that is!) If you are curious about tantric healing session, this is a great way to get involved. I highly recommend it!" ~ Beth and John

“Frank, I must check my calendar and schedule another Tantric healing session. As an RN, who is an advocate of preventative medicine, and the power of touch, I plan to make your healing sessions a part of my personal routine for health maintenance.  Your professional demeanor and skilled hands provided me with a safe way to de-stress from head to toe.  I am anxious to see your website go online, so I can send the link to my friends, who have heard how wonderful my experience was.  Thanks again.” ~ Linda

“I am a massage Therapist with the knowledge of how the power of touch can heal. A Tantric Healing healing session was way more than I expected. I'm a bit shy about my body. Frank's touch changed that in only a moment’s time. His energy took over as soon as he placed his warm, soft hands on me. His soft quite voice comforted me, and was very reassuring.  My session with Frank was a first for me.  I was so impressed, that I want to learn the art of Tantric Healing and add this modality to my list of services.
I will schedule with Frank again very soon and will take the advice of others and book a 2 hour session as the 1.5 session went too fast.” ~ Lisa

"As a transman (female to male transexual) my body has changed as a result of my transition and I wanted to explore my new physical/sensual self. In addition because I work out a lot, I wanted to give some relief to my sore muscles. After seeing Frank's post on Craigslist, I thought I would see if he would work with a transman. Much to my delight Frank agreed and indicated that he had done work with another transguy in the past. He was professional and prompt, and he explained the nature of tantric bodywork. Because he has an unassuming and easy going manner and is sensitive to the needs of his client, I found it easy to trust him with my most treasured possession-my body. I was extremely pleased with my session with Frank and would recommend him to any woman or couple who wants to further explore and or get in touch with their physical/sensual self." ~ JS

“Dear Frank, I was starving for touch, for respectful, gentle attention to my needs without any expectations in return.  As a larger sized woman I have my insecurities about my body.  As a lesbian who had neither known nor wanted a man's touch for well over 20 years, I had some apprehensions about our session. I was surprised at how quickly I relaxed and totally gave myself over to your hands. For a long time I thought only a woman could know how a woman needs to be touched, but you have definitely and very pleasantly proved me wrong.  I felt relaxed and I felt very free to express myself - both my pleasure and my wants. All of it – the entire session- was much needed medicine for my soul.  I will be calling you again soon.” ~ Jeannie

“Frank has a comfortable essence of experience and touch which brings the Tantric experience to a heightened level.  Using his gentle touch of fingers he enhances sensation and allows for the body to release to another realm.” ~ Rose Marie, massage therapist/healer (If you’d like my email address, please ask Frank.)

"Hi, Frank!  Hope you are doing well!! Just letting you know that I purchased the Magic Wand last week and have been having orgasms ever since!!!!  Can you believe it??  It isn't a big explosion like I thought it would be.  It is more like an intense warm feeling and then I get super relaxed and satisfied.  I am also still doing the squirting thing too.  Thanks for all of your help!!"  Love, Julie

"Hi Frank, I just wanted to thank you again for my last healing session. I have been feeling so much more sensual and playful lately, and I'm certain these feelings are just a lovely side effect from our session a few weeks ago. Looking forward to my next session." ~ Liz

"As a fellow therapist, I scheduled a session with Frank because I was very curious about Tantric healing session and Frank seemed very knowledgeable and experienced.  I have to say the 2 hour session with Frank was one of the most extraordinary and amazing experiences of my life.  It was so beyond general relaxation.  There were many times throughout the session where I felt like I wanted to cry.  Frank later told me that this was blocked energy within the body that was coming up to be released.  Frank's healing technique is quite unique, the way he envelops each muscle.  I've never felt anything quite like it.  I can't wait until Frank comes to NYC for my next appointment!"  ~ Sylvia

"I had the pleasure of getting a Tantric Healing Session from Frank about a week ago. I had honestly never even considered doing anything like this before, but my husband discovered Frank's information online and suggested that I try this type of session. I admit I was definitely curious about the experience and so decided to schedule an appointment in an effort to open myself up more sexually and enhance intimacy with my husband. Though I was a bit apprehensive about the session prior to our appointment, Frank's gentle and comforting demeanor immediately made me feel calm, relaxed, and open to the full Tantric experience. Frank was acutely attentive to my needs during the session and his talent in the art of healing was certainly evident. I left the session feeling very peaceful and rejuvenated, and I am certainly looking forward to my next appointment with Frank. I encourage others that are curious about Tantric work to be open to this experience and discover how wonderful the session can be for them too."  ~ Alexis

"I admit I was a bit nervous and unsure of what to expect from my first Tantric healing session, but Frank's friendly and utterly professional manner put me at ease immediately. His work was top rate, and he treated me with utmost respect. I was quite taken with the entire experience, and I look forward to working with him again! I've already recommended him to several of my friends. Truly wonderful!" ~ Karin 

"Frank, thanks for the awesome release and perineal stretching yesterday (this is about the most peculiar thing I've ever written, but it's true!) Take care, and I'll keep you posted about our baby, Linda."  UPDATE:  “We had a baby girl with no tearing!  Thanks again, Linda”

"As a pregnant woman, I was both cautious and curious about employing Frank's services for tantric healing. After checking with his references and speaking with Frank on the phone, I was certain that the experience would be both safe and pleasurable. My primary focus for the healing session was to stretch my perineum for the upcoming birth. Frank did an excellent job ensuring that my goal was met, while providing immense pleasure at the same time. The energy work that Frank performed was beneficial to both me and to my unborn baby. I felt renewed, energized, and as if I had taken a positive step toward a better birthing experience. I am so grateful to have found Frank as a source for pre-natal healing work, especially since there are virtually no other therapists specializing in the area of perineum stretching. Frank is reliable, timely and sensitive to the individual needs of each client. He is respectful of any personal boundaries one may have, while offering expert advice and wisdom on the topics of tantric healing and wellness. I will be having another healing session very soon, and look forward to future sessions with Frank." Lora (If you would like to talk to me on the phone, please email Frank and he will give you my phone #. Sincere potential clients only please)

"Hi Frank, Just want to drop a line to say that the Tantric healing session you gave me this past Saturday was absolutely amazing. How do you have the endurance to go on for two hours? I, just, felt so relaxed during the whole session. You treated me so professionally; no stress, worry or apprehension. Thank you very much, Alice"

"This was an amazing experience. The combination of healing techniques resulted in a complete release of energy. The cleansing that occurred as a result was amazing. I was completely open and relaxed when it was done. The healing session was caring and relaxing and I felt totally comfortable throughout the entire session. I highly recommend this to anyone who wishes to have a Tantric experience that will relax your spirit as well as your body. ~ Monica" 

"It is scary to arrange services such as this over the internet. But I felt reassured by all of the positive testimonials that Frank had received. If you are nervous, I cannot emphasize enough that Frank is completely professional and extremely respectful of your comfort zone. I tend to be a nervous person and I felt 100% safe and reassured by Frank. It was a truly valuable experience to learn about my body and the way it responds in a sexual way outside of the context of a relationship or any situation with a partner where there may be other emotions and expectations that get in the way. You will leave his session feeling incredibly relaxed and at the same time energized and with an understanding of the amazing sensations that the right kind of stimulation can awaken in your body. I recommend the full two hours." ~ Patricia

"The best description of a Tantric healing session is "An inner peace and an outer glow". Frank is professional, respectful, and gifted. Several years, after menopause started, I was feeling totally spent. After only one session with Frank, I felt so much better. He has the ability to improve your sense of well being. It's subtle, but deep. You must experience a Tantric healing session to truly understand it." Namaste, Madison email (please mark your email subjects as Tantric questions).

"Hi Frank: The Tantric healing session went great on Sat. and I feel 100% better. I can breathe up through my crown chakra once again and now when I hear music I can also feel the music in my body. The sadness and anxiety have seemed to dissipate. My yoni also feels quite alive as well! Thanks for helping me get rid of that energy block and feel so much better! I am sure that I will be making another appointment very soon. Thanks again, Debbie" 

"To Frank: I took a chance when I decided to book a session with you. I was a bit nervous and not sure what to expect. You showed up with the table and music on time, as any professional is expected to present themselves. We setup in the openness of my living room, with my roommate not very far from us in her bedroom. You are amazing. Your touch was warm, firm, and very tuned into the areas of my body that needed to be uncoiled. Thanks so much. After you left, my roommate commented how impressed she was with your service. I for one was real pleased to be left in a state of sheer relaxation. Will contact you again!" ~ Danielle

"Words will not be enough to say how we both felt about your Tantric service you provided to us yesterday. Your pleasant personality when you entered gave us so much confidence that it would be no problem to get a kind of private sensual healing session for both of us. It was my wife who felt more comfortable with you and allowed someone other than her own man to touch her body. You also allowed me to learn and to do the work on my wife while you were doing it, made my wife so much liking about the whole process. Her feeling was "he is pure". The entire process under the influence of soft meditative music was very pleasant and relaxing. We never realized when the time completed and we were re-energized. Your touch is so pure that we would like to have you back in next 15-20 days. Also, we are going to recommend you to the people who need you.  ~ Mark and Stacy

"I was a little nervous at first, but Frank made me feel so comfortable all my inhibitions soon faded away. Once the healing session started his hands were so stimulating and relaxing all the stress was quickly fading away. It was slow, sensual and Frank took his time to be sure I was the main focus, I soon found myself slipping into complete fulfillment. He gives you his undivided attention. I have never felt so wonderful after a healing session...I highly recommend him.....Frank is the best." ~ Donna

"I decided to give my girlfriend (5 year relationship) a gift of a Tantric healing session by Frank. What an experience! I went for the 2 hour Tantric healing session in which Frank's gifted hands (as described by her) started with a very pleasurable Swedish-type healing session that totally relaxed her and prepared her to make a choice as to where the healing session should go. Keep it as a standard Swedish healing session or go for the gusto. Well, she went for the gusto as I heard her going for it over and over again. I could not help but open the door to the room they were in to watch a little. There, Frank was giving her an amazing healing session that she was going wild over. WOW!!! I tried to help with the healing session but she was uncomfortable with that and asked me to leave... leave it to Frank that is, as he continued the healing session to several more pleasurable experiences. The sounds of her moans made me so damn crazy I asked her to take care of me after... and did she ever. So, here is my suggestion. If you can handle it guys, give her a 2 hour session and let her know she is in control of where it goes. Frank honors all boundaries. If you are a jealous person, maybe consider putting on earphones with an ipod. Ask her if you can watch or participate for a really great experience you will not forget and for which she will be eternally grateful!
~ Ted and Barb email 

"All I can say is Mmm Mmm Good!!! :-) You have such an amazing touch ... and magic fingers. You should get tremendous honors to work with that many women and detach yourself from getting into trouble with your fiancé. I have NO idea how you do it. It's unheard of in my book. Kudos to you! Well, I'll talk to you soon. We should set up an appointment for when I return from Pasadena. This is a pretty cool relationship. I like the session and all. I'm extremely comfortable with you and you know SO much about the female body and are so in tune." ~ Lori 

"The experience I had was simply amazing. Frank is, first and most importantly, a very professional man; he's also very sweet and kind to boot. He made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole experience, which was important to me since this was my first time. Frank frequently reminded me that at any point during the healing session, if things got too intense, he would slow down. The Swedish healing session he gave before moving to the tantric healing session was exquisite--he has very good hands and was able to work out many of my knots. And the tantric healing session was an experience like no other, deeply satisfying and utterly relaxing." ~ Rose email

Hi Frank!
Thanks for making the trip out to see us last night. Let me start by saying it was an entirely unique experience for as I have never let go of my inhibitions so completely before. You have truly been touched by the hand of God. Your technique is second to none and the positive energy you bring to the table can not be overlooked. i have never put myself in as vulnerable a situation and had as positive an outcome as i did last night. Your session served as an eye opener to me and put things into perspective. In this fast paced world it is amazing the things we neglect and give up.....ourselves. You helped me reconnect with me!
Many thanks,
Dear Sofia,
I am so happy to hear from you and am very glad everything went so well for you yesterday. It is these moments that make what I do so worthwhile for me. Many great beings and saints have said that the entire universe was created out of love. I try to capture the essence of this and bring it to my sessions. Take care, Talk to you soon, Frank



Dear Frank,
I felt the need to write to you and explain how I felt before during and after the healing session you gave my wife. I hope you do not find this odd. I have read so much about healing and the practice of Tantra. You truly are a wonderfully gifted man. Before the healing session I was very apprehensive about the whole thing, “A man other than me massaging my wife!” Well let me assure you I did not feel that way after. You were more than professional. One can tell just from the start that you not only perform a fantastic service of healing but you also truly believe in the Tantra way of life. Your hands and energy were instruments that convey this in a loving way. As I did enter to view and make sure everyone was safe end happy I could not help myself but to watch my wife and see how her breath was changing and become so beautifully rhythmic. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold to watch her relax and unwind and become so in tuned to her own body. We look forward to working with you again.
Respectfully yours, John


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