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Sponsor Frank in Your Area for Tantric Massage

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Sponsor Frank in Your Area


Tantric Serenity Travels Abroad!

I would be happy to travel to your location, whether it be a home, hotel, vacation home as well as a yoga, spiritual, meditation center, or any type of space that would be conducive for leading workshops and/or doing private sessions.

You can sponsor me for Private Sessions, Workshops, or Both:

Private Sessions:

For a Woman:
We can work together one on one multiple times over the course of a couple days or longer, working repeatedly with one particular session such prenatal healing session, or a combination, for example a private session featuring energy work, breathwork, in depth discussion, followed by coaching the following day.

For a Group of Women:
I can do multiple private sessions, one or more for each of you. Also, we can do a workshop combined with private sessions before and/or after the workshop. I also travel for events such as Bachelorette Parties, Girl's Night In where I can lead a workshop and give back-to-back private sessions for a very fun, spiritual, educational, and memorable experience!

For Couples
I would be happy to see one couple or multiple couples for private instruction and teaching, as well as private, more intimate workshops where the couples can work on each other!

I can customize my visit to fit your specific preferences as long as it is planned in advance!

I teach a variety of workshops on topics including:

Sacred Couples Intimacy and Tantric Ritual
"Pleasuring Her": An Intimate Look at healing her
G-Spot: The Gateway to Pleasure, Healing, and Connection
Pleasuring Your Partner (for Him and Her)
Exploring, Expanding, and Evolving your Orgasmic Potential
and many others, let me know what interests you!

I would be happy to discuss over the phone your intentions, a description of the workshop(s) that interest you, and recommend which one or more than one would be right for your group!

Once we discuss and decide the plan for my stay, we can complete the final details. A deposit will be needed. I will need you to provide a place for me to stay while I am there and arrange for my transportation to and from the airport.
Please email Frank and include your name, location, and questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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You can also call me 732.895.5679 if you prefer.


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