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Sacred Tantric Ritual guided by Frank and Anita


Sacred Ritual is an exploration of the heart for couples who want to experience more love, intimacy, passion and sensuality within their relationship. Rekindle the spark in your relationship or intensify the spark you already have! An evening of passion and heart-felt love is just what you need to show your partner how much they are appreciated.
Gaze into each other’s eyes, touch, and explore each other again for the first time.

Throughout the Sacred Ritual, you will learn how to:

Appreciate and love your partner more deeply
Be a better lover
Use new techniques to please each other
Develop enhanced and intimate communication skills
Celebrate your divineness and honor the God and Goddess within each other!

Sacred Ritual Sessions include:

Sensation Bath Ceremony (optional): to awaken the senses and purify the mind. Lightly touch and wash your partner with your whole body and heart residing in every stroke.
Tantric Union Ritual: a series of harmonizing connective exercises designed to expand the sexual energy throughout the body and set the intention in the heart guided by Frank and Anita
Tantric healing session: relax and receive a tranquil full body healing session given by Frank and Anita on two side-by-side healing session tables.
Sacred G-Spot Healing: gaze into the eyes of your partner or Frank and Anita, with synchronized breathing and let go of the emotional blockages and bodily armor.
Kama Sutra: explore the moment of contact and meet each other in spirit

Frank and Anita would be happy to customize Sacred Ritual to your preferences and interests.

Would you like to learn how to give each other Sensual Tantric healing? Would you like to explore Amrita (female ejaculation) or learn to be multi-orgasmic?

For men, would you like to develop more ejaculatory control?

Would you like Frank and Anita to give energetic healing with your participation also?

Please let us know!

In order to confirm any type of session, a $100 deposit is required.
Please click the "Buy Now" button to pay the deposit needed. Once deposit is received, I will follow up with you letting you know that your session is confirmed. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. You will get a full refund of your deposit if cancellation is received 24 hours prior to your appointment. Thank you very much!!!

All sessions are completely professional.  Please understand that there is no touching of any intimate areas during the session.  I do not engage in or perform any sexual acts.


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Anita Anita De Francesco, M.A. Founder of Tantra Wisdom, has been involved with Tantra for over 15 years, attending as well as teaching hundreds of workshops around the world. She is a Tantric practitioner, relationship coach, yoga instructor, somatic therapist, and teacher. Most importantly, she possesses a sincere desire to help others and it shines through in her friendly, child-like, loving personality.


"All I can say is Mmm Mmm Good!!! :-)
You have such an amazing touch ... " ~ Lori


Frank, Thank you and your partner for the wonderful healing session! My wife and I both thoroughly enjoyed it. This was not our first experience with Tantric healing session but was definitely the best so far. My wife was very pleased with your professionalism and touch. We will be calling again soon.
Sincerely, Kevin and Jackie





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