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Expectant moms experience unique physical and emotional changes that occur as a result of increased weight, fatigue, shifting posture, and adjusting hormone levels.  While this is a beautiful period of heightened expectation and joy, mothers-to-be can also feel discomfort ranging from muscular tension and headaches, to pressure on the knees as well as other physical concerns.  Prenatal sessions address the bodily changes of expecting mothers, both physically and emotionally with respect and care.

Prenatal sessions will address the perineum energetically, allowing the body to relax more deeply.  The better you prepare your perineal tissues for the stretching of birth, the less chance they will tear.  Not only does perineal healing session help prepare the tissue, but it also allows you to learn the sensations of childbirth and how to control these muscles.  Midwives report that women who receive perineal healing sessions regularly during pregnancy experience less stinging sensation during crowning as well as are much less likely to tear or get an episiotomy.  This is because during childbirth when the perineum stretches, it is very common for the body to tense and for you to take more shallow breaths. 

Prenatal sessions help to prepare expectant mothers to be in the most relaxed, comfortable, and open state possible for childbirth.  healing work combined with breathwork and energywork helps to release physical and emotional tension and prepare expectant mothers to experience orgasmic child birth.

That’s right, orgasmic childbirth.  Although we rarely ever see the word orgasm and childbirth in the same sentence, orgasmic birth is part of Mother Nature's master plan.  Birth is a sexual experience and biologically it makes sense. The pleasures of birth allow for better mother-infant bonding.  Far from perverse, orgasmic pleasures are a continuation of the act of conception itself.  They're in the best interest of the baby, and an ideal starting point for healthy family relationships.  Research conducted by Dr. Beverly Whipple in 1989, as well as others, indicates that orgasms can be induced in some women during childbirth.  It is believed that this happens because of pressure from the baby's head on its mother's all-important hypogastric and pelvic nerve systems.  These nerves play a part in a woman's ability to experience vaginal, cervical and G-spot orgasms.  Also, the release of the hormone oxytocin during childbirth which is responsible for the nipple erection and uterine contractions, dulls pain as well.  This can actually produce stronger, more effective, even pleasurable contractions.  Best yet, it can make for orgasmic sensations, especially with the increase in ecstasy-producing beta-endorphins.

So why don’t all women orgasm during childbirth and how do women experience such an orgasm?  In order for orgasms to happen, women have to overcome their birthing fears, know that they are sexual beings even during pregnancy, embrace the idea of intense pleasure during childbirth, allow their body to be open, and most importantly, take control of their pregnancy and childbirth.  Instead of handing their bodies over to medicine to speed labor, they need to work with non-interventional practitioners like myself, as well as midwives.  Synthetic hormones can actually make for contractions that are more painful, causing problems like rupture of the uterus. 
Prenatal sessions greatly help women feel physically, emotionally, and energetically ready for childbirth.  We can work with normal birthing fears, watching them come and go, not allowing them to affect our state of mind.  Using a combination of energywork, breathwork, and healing sessions, the body opens and is allowed to feel relaxed, comforted, pleasured.    

Make childbirth an emotionally, physically, and sexually fulfilling event! 

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