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Tantra Introduction


Tantra is an ancient yoga originating in conscious spirituality that draws on the healing powers of sexual energy, opening the heart and sensuality to promote change, transformation, vitality and love.  Literally, Tantra means “weaving” in Sanskrit, the weaving of energy.  Spiritual energy, kundalini is naturally woven together with our sexual energy in our body. Tantra integrates and weaves spirituality and sexuality for healthy wholeness.  It is a way of life.
For most people today, if asked what Tantra is, there is an immediate association with sex, mysterious, intriguing sexual practices that result in amazing sex with your partner, Tantric Sex.  This however is only one part of Tantra.  Truly, Everything is Tantra.  The way we treat each other, the way we breathe, the way we care for ourselves, the way we love; it is all Tantra. 

Tantra is a pathway to our true potential, to be both spiritually and sexually established in the bliss of freedom and love.  Wherever we are right now in the present moment is our starting point.  And every day for the rest of our life is our journey through conscious living and loving.  Tantra teaches us that when we worship the inner spirit during love-making or during our own sensual experience, mystical awareness and self-realization will eventually occur.  Through Tantric practice and Tantric sessions, we become completely absorbed, melting into an ocean of love and light; a light that is so pure and all-pervasive that it casts no shadows.  We realize that all we are is living, breathing consciousness.  All the worries, thoughts, past impressions, and old traumas are let go, revealing the truth and our purpose in life. 

So where do we start? 

We start right now in our bodies.  Tantra begins with the passion and love for ourselves.  Here are some general steps in the Tantric Path that also form the backbone of principles in my Tantric sessions:

  • Love thyself:  How can we love others without loving ourselves first?  We must understand, know, and worship ourselves.  By knowing ourselves, we know others.  By forgiving ourselves, we forgive others.  We are God.  A great spiritual leader, Swami Muktananda always said “God dwells within you as you.” 
  • Connect:  We use our own love and passion for ourselves as the example, the grounding source to connect to others and to all our daily activities.  We make love all day long, in everything we do!  We bring forth the connection to our own sexuality as we move toward relationships with others. 
  • Coming into the Senses:  Learn and witness how your senses are directly connected to our emotions.  Be in the moment with a child-like, beginner’s mind in all that we do.  Make love to our partner again for the first time; each touch, sight, and sound a brand new experience.  Be amazed at how special our sense of smell, sight, hearing, touch, and taste are.
  • Melt the Armor and Transform:  We pick up impressions, go through traumatic experiences, and build armor in the body from childhood, past lives, and relationships that energetically hold space and prevent us from being fully in our bodies.  Through loving ourselves, conscious breathing, and letting go, we can release the blocked energy, melt the armor, transform and be free.  We must put forth a conscious effort of positive thinking, clarity, healthy diet, and self care. 
  • Communication:  We learn to express ourselves to others and share our emotions and experiences verbally and non-verbally.  Learning the power of the voice as well as our inner voice.  Listening to what our inner voice needs to tell us. 
  • Identity:  Answering the questions:  Who am I?  Why am I here?  Where am I going?  Making a path for ourselves.  Breaking free from scripted roles others have set for us.  Being our own person. 
  • Boundaries:  Understanding and owning our vulnerabilities.  To grow, heal, and be authentic, it is important that we put down our defenses and bear our souls to others; first to those we feel the safest with, then to everyone.  This helps to build boundaries, knowing when to direct your energy toward others and when to retain it.  Orgasm is directly related to retaining energy.  With practice, you develop the ability to retain more energy and self-control.  As you build more energy, you gain more passion and life becomes playful and child-like. 
  • Meet Your Partner:  Fall in Love on a daily basis with your partner or yourself.  Continually find new things you love about you as well as others.
  • Ritualize:  Picture a honeymoon that lasts forever.  Science and medical research are both confirming that effect of long-held belief and rituals have on health and well-being.  Psychologist, Phillip Carr-Gromm, when speaking of ritual, states: “The entire space of the circle becomes out sphere of inner working.  It becomes a sacred area in which, like a magic carpet we can travel to other states of being.”
  • Ready, Set, GO!  It is time to integrate passion, love, sexuality, sensuality, and creativity into everyday life, living mindfully in every moment. 








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