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Q: How do I make an appointment?
A: You can either Email Frank or call (732) 895-5679.  I will most likely get back to you the same day and we can schedule your session.

Q:  What are your hours?
A:  I am available Monday through Thursday 4pm to 10pm.  Friday and Saturday: 9am to 12am.  Sunday: 9am to 10pm. 

Q: How far do you travel? 
A: I travel through most of Eastern PA as far west as Harrisburg and up through the Poconos, Delaware, all of New Jersey, Atlantic City, and NY all 5 boroughs.

Q: Do you have an incall location?
A: Currently, no I do not. I travel to your home, hotel, motel, apartment, office, or vacation home.  I bring my massage table, soft sheets, essential oils, music, and other supplies to your location and create a sacred space there.  I can adapt to and work with just about any type of space, no matter how small. 

Q: I am a female Tantric Practitioner and would like to work with you for couples, or refer single female clients to you. Would this be okay?
A: Of course, I'd be happy to. Let's discuss this, please call or email me. My info is on the Contact Page of the website.

Q: I am writing an article or paper that may be published.  Do you do interviews?
A:  Yes, I'd be happy to be interviewed. 

Q: What is the traveling rate?
A: A standard rate of 50 cents/mile will be added to the session cost. This rate is less than the 2016 standard mileage rate that the US Dept of Treasury has established for business travel. More Info.

Q: Do you have any restrictions on types of women for sessions?
A: Absolutely not. I work with all women regardless of age (18 + of course), size, or race. All of my clients are treated equally with respect and care.

Q:  Is this full service?
A:  No.  I do not engage in sexual acts with my clients.  I ALWAYS remain in a professional role, ensuring that your comfort is the main priority. 

Q: What do you need to know for the session?
A: Besides your address, I would also ask for your name and a contact number so I can speak to you prior to the session to introduce myself and get to know you a little, asking about your physical condition and goals of your Tantric experience.  All information is kept strictly confidential.    

Q: What if I must cancel or reschedule my appointment?
A: Life can sometimes be unpredictable and out of our control.  Knowing this, I simply ask that you please be considerate and respectful of my time.  Only book a session if you are sure you will be available.

Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare for a session for myself?
A: Prior to the session, set some time aside for a favorite soothing and relaxing activity whether it be listening to your favorite music, taking a bubble bath, sitting quietly in meditation, doing some yoga or whatever you’re comfortable with.  I’d also recommend a hot shower which helps to relax the body and loosen the muscles.  When I arrive, I will help you move things if needed to make room for my healing session table.  In general, you’d like to have the room where we will have the session a bit warmer than usual to make sure you are warm enough, so please raise the heat or lower the AC before I arrive. 

Q: I have always wanted to experience a Tantric healing session but I'm a bit shy and self-conscious.
A: Throughout the session, you will be under a sheet.  I always leave the room for you to get on and off the table.  And most importantly, your comfort is the main priority.  I am in communication with you throughout the session.  You are always welcome and encouraged to let me know how you are feeling both physically and emotionally.

Q: I am a single woman and am interested in the Tantric Ritual.  Can I learn this in a session for myself?
A:  Yes.  The Tantric Ritual is an amazing, awakening experience that can affect your life and help you connect more intimately with yourself and others.  The way I do this is that I play the part of the male in the ritual.  Of course I am still in a professional role, however we do reach a deep level of connection.  By this I do not mean anything physical or sexual.  Through the Ritual, we do become much more spiritually and intimately connected.  Because of this, I recommend that you have at least one Tantric session before exploring the Ritual.   

Q: Do I have to be spiritual or have a deep understanding of Tantra to schedule a session?
A: Absolutely not!  All different types of people schedule sessions!  Some are curious about Tantra and want to learn and incorporate Tantric practices into their lives.  Others use sessions as a relaxing, pleasurable, and welcomed mini-vacation.  Couples schedule to learn new things, enhance the love and sacred sexuality between them, and/or simply enjoy and honor each other’s company. 
Q: How often do you suggest getting Tantric sessions?
A: This would be something you’d have to ask your own body.  I’d recommend scheduling a session and seeing how you feel afterwards.  If you enjoy the session very much, determine how Tantric sessions can fit into your lifestyle.  I have a number of clients who consider me their regular personal therapist, yet others book sessions once every couple months.  If you originally scheduled a session in order to become more open within your body, I would greatly encourage you to rebook in a week or two because the body’s habit is to go back to the “old brain” patterns.  We have to keep working and moving forward to let go of the old and move into the new.   

Q: This will be my first Tantric experience.  What length of session would you recommend?
A: Since this is your first experience, I would recommend the 2 hour session.  It will give you some extra time to relax and feel comfortable as well as give me ample time to guide you through the experience at the speed most comfortable for you. 

Q: How does the “Girl’s Night In/ Bachelorette Party” session work?
Over the years I have found that many women are interested in learning about Tantra in a setting with their girlfriends.  It’s fun, exciting, and you receive the experience that you can take with you and bring to a relationship.  We can start in a workshop type setting where we introduce ourselves and I give a little introduction about Tantra, Tantric practices, and how it applies to us.  Or I can set up and simply do Tantric sessions one-on-one, one client at a time, back-to-back.    A minimum of three women is required.  Rates vary depending on number of women attending.   

Q: Do we need to do anything to prepare for a Couples Sacred Ritual Session?
A: Based on what both of you would like to explore in your Sacred Tantric Ritual session, we will send you preparation instructions ahead of time.  Some general instructions would be to have an open space available where we can set up.  Anita and I are very flexible with space and can help move things if necessary.  Make sure you turn the heat up in the winter!  Also, refrain from eating a large meal prior to the session. 

Q: I want to schedule a Tantric healing session and/or Sacred Tantric Ritual session for my wife and I and am thinking of making it a surprise.  How would I go about this?
A: It’s wonderful that you’d like to treat your wife to a session, but even though it may be a surprise, please make sure your wife will be comfortable.  You might want to show her my website or mention it in conversation to get a better idea.  And remember, the Tantric session and Sacred Tantric Ritual can be customized to both of your preferences. 

Q: I am interested in learning to give and receive Tantric healing session with my partner.  Can we focus on this in a session?
A: Definitely.  I can teach both of you the principles of Tantra, then afterwards we can both touch her as I show you the different techniques I use.  And she can use bodywork techniques on you as well. 

Q: How would I be positioned on the healing session table for prenatal healing session?
A: By far, the most comfortable position is side-lying.  You will be supported at your head, neck, lower back, and knees with pillows and bolsters. 

Q: Is prenatal healing session safe throughout the entire pregnancy?
A: Yes, women can utilize prenatal healing session therapy during their first, second, or third trimester, however it is recommended to start sooner.  There are well known acupressure points on the wrists, lower legs, and ankles that can stimulate uterine contractions that I completely avoid.  Prior to your session, I will ask you a series of questions about physical health and any pains or issues you are experiencing. 

Q: I am an expectant mother.  How often do you recommend prenatal healing session?
A: I would recommend monthly or bimonthly, then during the final 6 weeks before you delivery date, I would recommend weekly.

If you have any other questions, please let me know and I’d be happy to answer them!


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