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Frank Paul is a professional massage therapist, Reiki Master, certified Kinepathics™ / Tantra Wisdom™ Teacher, Yoga Alliance™ Registered Yoga Teacher, and Tantric Healer with over 12 years experience in body work and energy work.  From a young age, Frank possessed the desire to help people and heal others through touch.  He was well known within his family for his healing hands and amazing back rubs.  He graduated college with a Bachelors of Science degree in Biology and Chemistry.   His interest in the body and well-being led Frank to study Tantric Healing Work.  After starting out as a professionally-certified massage technician, Frank spent years gaining experience with a wide range of clients, working at spas, yoga studios and healing centers.  He became finely-attuned to the body’s energetic dynamics and Chakra system, becoming a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, then a Sekhem Sekhim Reiki Master Teacher.   More recently, he also became a Karuna Reiki® Master Teacher (karuna is a Sanskrit word meaning compassion).   He has studied the Tibetan, Hindu, and Buddhist ways of Tantra. 

Frank grew up in a conservative family but, behind closed doors, his parents were sexually-liberated, active folk.  He became confused and intimidated about his own sexual freedom.  This led him to explore different personalities and he realized that many people were sexually repressed because of learned behaviors, such as shame, denial and fear; so they conformed to society’s norms.

Frank realized that in order to be fully present, to have the direct experience of divine nature within our body, our sexual energy must be a living, breathing part of us, not merely something that arises during a sexual encounter.  In a society which has, for centuries, suppressed our sexuality and individualization, Frank shines through with love, compassion and the formula to help and encourage people in their own paths in life. 

In Frank’s personal time, he very much enjoys whole foods cooking.  Frank also plays and studies the tabla, Indian drums and enjoys northern Indian classical music and kirtan (chanting).  He is an avid hiker, practices various yoga disciplines (hatha, Sivananda and kundalini) and is an amateur billiard player.  Frank currently lives outside of Philadelphia.

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