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Tantric Sessions for Women

After I arrive at your home, hotel or apartment, I will greet you, introduce myself, and we can talk about the session, about whatever you'd like as I begin to set up and create a sacred space within the room and surrounding the massage table.
Various aromatherapy essential oils will be available for you to choose from that can be incorporated into the massage oil as well as onto the headrest of the table so you can smell the luxurious oils with each breath.  You will be covered with a sheet (as well as a nice toasty blanket in the winter) to ensure your warmth and comfort.
A Tantric session is often the first step in learning to be a sexual being without going into fantasy or "spacing out".  You experience how to truly feel your body as it is being touched and aroused sexually, to be in the present moment, aware and alive. 

The Tantric session is a ritual of receiving the sensual kundalini (sexual) energy flowing through the entire body.  Throughout the session, you are given time to feel your body being explored without goals.  Energetic healing and tantric coaching are added to the ecstasy of receiving the nurturing and awakening sensual touch.  The environment is created in which you can release stress and feel more alive in your body while staying fully present to your sexual energy.

The session begins face down on the massage table with guided relaxation and breathing.  Your comfort and sense of safety is of utmost importance.  Starting face down is a very safe, nurturing position enveloping the heart and intimate areas in the table.  I will place my hands on your back, staying still as caring and calming energy flows throughout your body.   The session will go at the speed which you are most comfortable. 

As your breathing becomes deeper and your body becomes more and more relaxed, I will begin to explore your body.  My intuition guides my hands as I work with the energy, gliding from your toes slowly upwards toward the crown of your head, then back down, breathing deeply, and connecting you with the circular breath, (in through nose, out through mouth) and flow of energy within your body.  My touch is gentle and relaxing, responding to your subtle body's imbalances and emotional needs, as well as deeper with emphasis on the physical body for muscular relief.

When bodywork on your back naturally comes to a conclusion, I will ask you to slowly flip over.  I will then gently place my hands on your heart.  As you breathe you will start to feel good, sad, mad, joyous, your mind may wander or think this is silly... Just let yourself have these feelings.  Take a breath and come back to the present moment. 

When it feels appropriate, I will begin to caress your upper body with a slow and gentle touch.  The breasts are the seat to the Goddess sexuality so this is an appropriate place to start.  The key here is to stay present to the feeling and not go into fantasy.  Imagine that you have never been touched before and simply feel what it feels like receive this slow, gentle touch.   Your entire body, neck, arms, chest, belly, hips, inner thighs, legs, and feet will be awakened and explored as you continue to breathe.  After making sure you are comfortable on your back and feeling safe and connected, the session will gradually flow into the yoni healing touch.

The session will go one second at a time, one touch at a time.  Each part will be explored as if never touched before.  The sensations will vary from very light touch to deep exploration.  You will be encouraged to let me know how you are feeling.  Often when an intense pleasure or emotion surfaces, we hold our breath.  This shuts off our resources and makes it more difficult to move the energy, so if this happens I will gently remind you to continue taking deep breaths.  Relax, surrender in the moment, and enjoy receiving the Tantric touch. 

Slowly as the session comes to a close, you will be given time to come back and bask in the wonderful energy that has been created.  You will be comforted with light gentle touch all over your body, wrapped in the warm blanket, and allowed to relax and regroup. 
After the session, it’s always a good idea to drink and eat something. And we can chat about your experience and how you are feeling.

In order to confirm any type of session, a $100 deposit is required.
Please click the "Buy Now" button to pay the deposit needed. Once deposit is received, I will follow up with you letting you know that your session is confirmed. There is a 24-hour cancellation policy. You will get a full refund of your deposit if cancellation is received 24 hours prior to your appointment. Thank you very much!!!


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Sessions for women

Sessions for women

Sessions for women

Sessions for women




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